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Plugin Matter is a newxt generation digital marketing and web development company with brainy solutions to old marketing problems. Partnership between sister Melien Lavoie (Plugin Muse) and Corlia van Tonder (Grafic Matter), our teams in the USA and South Africa's main focus is to tap into the brainwaves of current digital trends.


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Please email your info to or call Melien at (860) 214-9900


Melien has been in business since 2009 when she started her research in SEO, manipulating online results as a franchise owner with Relylocal in Granby and Simsbury.  Using the open source software in a manner different from its advertising purpose she was able to get better Google ratings for her clients.  After three years she moved on and created her own SEO company called #PluginMuse, working as a search optimization consultant with local entrepreneurs and non profits. During this time she developed what she calls the 'relevancy factors' or 'building blocks' of the internet, which she uses and implements in detail in all programs offered with PluginMatter.

Wanting to grow her company and struggling to find someone able to not only understand but also implement her SEO process, she approached her sister Corlia in January 2016.  She did, after all, have the same Math/Computer teacher for a father and Sculpture/Ceramic mother, giving them both similar brainmatter....

Corlia is a highly self motivated and meticulous Head of Department, Art Director, with impeccable people skills. She comes from a Senior Management position, as Head of Design, managing a team of designers based nationally in Durban, Johannesburg, and Capetown with an established advertising and 3D vehicle branding company, Graffiti, in South Africa.

Corlia is a brand expert with 10+ years and a BA in Graphic Design and Visual Communication from the University of Technology in Durban South Africa.

She is an empathetic manager; always willing to give her best up for a new challenge training, mentoring, and coaching new designers and team members.  Her critical abstract thinking and concise verbal skills make her a crucial key player in the business strategy and overall performance of PluginMatter. 


"Thanks Melien! As a Real Estate agent it is imperative to grow my business and brand through the use of social media. Melien has helped me do so in a professional and effective way. She has helped me deliver a consistent message and image through Facebook and my Website. She is a great source of insight and how to, while explaining things in layman's terms. It probably is no small coincidence that my online presence and business volume has grown since I started working with Melien. Her group Plug in Muse is a great source of reference and a place I visit to refresh my memory." - Stephen Simard

"The East Granby Chamber of Commerce has utilized Melien for a series of seminars that were all fabulous and well attended. The feedback from the attendees was positive and we will once again ask Melien to return in 2013. The Granby Chamber of Commerce also had Melien do a seminar and it was our highest attended event in the history of Chamber Seminars. We will obviously be asking her to return and do future seminars in 2013 and beyond." - Rebecca Buse Taylor

"Here's an endorsement you'll love...I use my personal vehicle as a marketing tool with our company logo on all three sides! My kids hate to ride in the vehicle; they are embarrassed by the lettering (I don't get it). So Melien has been creating a new logo for our company and when I showed it to my kids they asked if we could get that on put on the truck! WOW not that is an endorsement I think people are going to like the new and improved GET A PRO BIZ Logo! Thanks Melien!" - Hugh J. Corr

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Melien Lavoie


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