Account Executive

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: • Prospect and develop new client relationships • Develop and increase current client base to drive increased market share • Achieve and exceed assigned sales revenue goals • Develop innovative proposals and deliver strategic sales presentations SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES SHOULD: • Be goal oriented, have a strategic mind-set, and plan accordingly for all activities • Be tenacious and proficient at developing long term relationships that grow year over year, be prepared to act as a consultant and resource to customers, see the opportunities in customers and prospects, base decisions on fact and intuition. • Understand customers’ wants so they can create need and sell on value instead of just engaging in product-based selling, and demonstrate a continued personal concern for customers in order to remind them of the value of the Westfield News Group’s publications. • Consistently initiate regular customer contact and seek evaluation of past performance and suggestions for improvement. • Be able to work as part of a team, with a high level of influence and strong management skills; be able and willing to be assertive when necessary; and display leadership characteristics when developing relationships with customers. • Recognize the various stages of opportunities and buying signals, effectively trial-close, and be able to ask for a customer’s commitment. • Be well organized and able to handle multiple tasks at once.

Job Type:
Full Time

The Westfield News Group LLC

62 School St, Westfield, MA 01085

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