About The Suffield Chamber of Commerce

Sunrise Park Suffield

We are a voluntary organization of business people who strive to advance the commercial and industrial interests of the communities we serve. We provide the forum and mechanism that enables business people to accomplish collectively what they could not achieve individually. Since its founding in 1994, the Suffield Chamber of Commerce has been dedicated to promoting economic and community development within the region by offering networking opportunities, educational seminars and special programs to its members.


Our President is the official spokesperson of the Chamber and serves as Chairperson of the Board. The President guides the Chamber’s overall present and long-term programs and policies. As the general manager of the Board and all Committees, President also guides budgeted funds, activities, and expenditures set forth by the Board. They may also enter into contracts on behalf of the Chamber and report to the Board and general membership, and officiate the Annual Meeting in September.

Our President works closely with town officials (First Selectman, Economic Development Manager) maintaining an open-door policy to the Board, committee chairs, members, town commissions, the public, and the media. Employee management is also part of their position (i.e. hiring & termination).

Following the close of their term, they serve one additional year in an advisory role.

Vice President

Our Vice President carries out the President’s responsibilities in their absence. Currently our VP assists the Technology Committee, and reports to the President and Board.


Our Secretary is knowledgeable in the details of the Suffield Chamber’s by-laws, ensuring the Annual Meeting or Special Meeting held each year follows by-law specifications. They are also responsible for maintaining the Chamber business records. Our Secretary currently Chairs the Golf Committee, and reports to the President and Board.


The Treasurer maintains the financial records of the Suffield Chamber and is on the budget/planning committee. The Treasurer provides general financial status reporting to the President and Board on a monthly basis, or as needed. In addition to our Treasurer maintains an accurate membership list reports to Chamber members at the Annual Meeting.

A qualified CPA oversees the Suffield Chamber’s financial statements and filings; ensuring annual tax and corporation filings in a timely manner.


Our Directors each chair a Committee, reporting to the President and Board.

Alternate Directors

Our Alternate Directors serve as representative liaisons in the Chamber Ambassador Program, as well as, answering questions and encouraging member participation in events, planning and support of the Suffield Chamber. Alternates also serve on a committee, reporting to the President and Board.

Past President

Our Past President acts as an advisor to the Board and serves as a liaison to the Metro Hartford Alliance and is a member in our Ambassador Program, reporting to the President.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is led by a member of the Board along with a team of business members that cultivates new membership, develops programs to meet the needs expressed by members, promotes our business spotlight events, and provides member-to-member communication to grow our organization. The Committee encourages participation of existing members and seeks new members from all areas in our local community; professional, civic and educational.

Our Mission
To promote the educational and economic advantages Suffield Chamber offers. We encourage current members and new members to take advantage of the networking and member to member communication Suffield Chamber provides.

What We Do

The Committee keeps the Chamber informed of membership programs and the most advantageous ways to connect through relationship building, new member initiatives, and the latest marketing opportunities. Supporting all members on how to take full advantage of all available benefits is our primary mission!

Committee Initiatives
Our chair, Gayle Demko, and Committee members collaborate with the other Chamber Committees to promote opportunities for current members and to attract new members when planning events. Reaching a wide Suffield & West Suffield audience through B2B and M2M avenues in addition to community and area visitors keeps our members top-of-mind. Suffield Chamber membership offers your organization an extraordinary opportunity to take advantage of reaching further together than any single business could do alone.

We are always looking to expand the Membership Committee, contact us to join us for an upcoming meeting or to learn more!

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee is led by a member of the chamber Board along with a team of business members that bring awareness and education to our membership about the latest social media and digital technology to support and increase business.

What We Do
The Committee keeps the Chamber informed of the latest technology including social media, video and digital communication opportunities to further connect membership, and leverage our volunteer organization in an ever-expanding business model.

The online world presents endless ways to leverage business presence locally and globally. The value-add of including technology and social media in a constantly evolving business landscape is in striving to bring the latest information to the board, and the membership, while also benefitting the community as a whole.

Our Mission
To create member opportunities by understanding, developing and marketing your business through digital technologies that increase business reach.

Committee Initiatives
The Chamber, Suffield and West Suffield Community website, Chamber Plus+ social media programs and training and workshops and development forums are developed based on the needs of our members.

Our chair, Gayle Demko, and committee members are always hard at work on what will help keep you savvy, grow your business presence, and develop your team with the latest in digital technology opportunities in user friendly way that are easy to implement.

The Suffield Chamber Difference: Digital Marketing Advantage & Development
Our information world is rapidly changing and The Suffield Chamber is 100% committed to helping membership evolve and adapt in the changing, digital world.

Our new Suffield Chamber website offers built-in marketing tools (Business Directory Listing), the opportunity to plug-in to new social media (Chamber Plus+), combined with supportive educational programs to benefit our local Suffield and West Suffield business leaders in today’s online world. We are also very excited to partner with the community effort on Facebook ‘Shop Suffield CT’ our digital, local marketplace that offers online exposure unequalled in our area.

Join the Technology Committee; we are always looking to expand! Contact us to visit an upcoming meeting or learn more.

Golf Committee

The Golf Committee is led by a member of the Board along with a team of business members. This is one of our signature and most well attended events of the year! The event fosters networking, promotional opportunities for members, gives far-reaching exposure to sponsors, and funds raised benefit the educational scholarship, the Chamber and other local community initiatives we support.

SAVE THE DATE, join us for the next tournament on June 19, 2014!

What We Do
Our chair, Chris Colli, and committee members are key to planning this event. The Committee begins planning for the tournament months before the event takes place, then meets regularly leading up to the tournament in June. They set a timeline, schedule details and logistics with the Suffield Country Club, coordinate golfers & volunteers, and contact sponsoring businesses.

As a member of the Golf Committee you have 1:1 contact with local businesses and professionals, as a major part of your involvement is to reach out to existing chamber members and past tournament sponsors. Quality relationships are built throughout the process from the initial contact call with the business, to picking up their donation or raffle prize, and then playing the day of the event and socializing at happy hour and/or dinner.

Our Mission To provide members a forum to promote their business, build relationships with their clients, peers and area professionals to enhance commerce, and to contribute to the Suffield & West Suffield community.

We are always looking to expand the Golf Committee, contact us to learn more or to sponsor the event!

Events Committee

The Events Committee is led by a member of the Board along with a team of business members that oversee and coordinate the planning that make our spotlight events possible. The Committee encourages member participation and is critical to the success of the events we host throughout the year.

The Suffield Chamber organizes our Spotlight Events to provide members ample opportunities to interact with other business professionals, to promote business interests, and to develop long-term relationships. This not only grows business reach but contact circles. Imagine how many quality connections you can throughout the year when participating in the Suffield Chamber + TVCA (5 additional area Chambers) events!

Our Mission
To offer our members enjoyable, successful networking and communication opportunities along with other professional development programs that expand business reach and exposure.

What We Do
The Committee keeps the Chamber informed of new and upcoming events and programs, while collaborating on new ideas to make our events a success!

Committee Initiatives
In addition to planning exciting events and programs, our chair and Committee members are always getting input from our Ambassadors and the Board to bring in new expertise and move ahead with ideas that add value to our members.

We invite you to network with us in a fun, relaxing atmosphere typically hosted by one of our members at their offices or around town. Meet area business leaders and learn more about the wealth of expertise in our Chamber. You’ll also find light food and refreshments along with raffle prizes and updates on upcoming events or feature opportunities!

Attendees are invited to exchange business cards or just come to unwind and socialize. The Chamber President welcomes guests and introduces the business, hosting the event.